Shaw Development Products: Proudly Made in the USA

While Shaw’s customers may come from all over the world, the company’s products are engineered and manufactured here in the United States. As such, Made in the USAthe Team at Shaw has been following the “Made in the USA” phenomenon with interest over the past several months.

ThomasNet has published a whitepaper called “Commitment to America Takes Center Stage as Manufacturing Sector Growth Continues.” In it, they note: “Buoyed by growth and confident in their futures, American manufacturers are laying out an agenda for restoring their industry to its earlier glory. Overwhelmingly, they are pushing to revitalize the American manufacturing sector by creating jobs at home, doing business with U.S. suppliers, and expressing pride in the quality of products that are ‘Made in America’.”

“Manufacturers are also holding their suppliers accountable for their role in achieving success,” it continues. “The vast majority—85 percent—state they will re-examine their supply chain this year. In fact, 51 percent intend to increase their efforts in this regard. And as manufacturers re-evaluate their supply chains, many are bringing business back stateside.”

At Shaw Development, management has been committed to a Made in America work ethic for more than 50 years. Recently, we upgraded our facilities to a state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing plant in Bonita Springs, Fla. (and we are hiring) so that we can be a cost-effective USA manufacturer for global markets. We are committed to providing products at the lowest total cost to our customers and compete with other manufacturers regardless of their location. By doing this, we will keep the Made in the USA trend continuing and hope others do too.

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