Design/Engineering & Manufacturing of High Flow Refueling Systems

At Shaw Development® we design and manufacture non-pressurized high flow refueling systems that allow users to quickly fill tanks at rates up to 150 gpm*. These systems are manufactured for use on new vehicles and can also be retrofitted to replace existing pressurized systems. Using a high flow system reduces fueling time, increasing productivity. Kits are available with varying lengths of signal line to meet any need and included fittings mate with industry standard nozzles and 2” NPT receivers. The shut-off valve acts as a check valve while the receiver is being serviced and allows maintenance to replace the receiver without draining the fuel tank.

Non-pressurized refueling systems offer many advantages. Zero or low-pressure systems are compatible with thin-walled or plastic fuel cells and can be used with all types of diesel, including biodiesel, as well as water. Using a non-pressurized system increases operator safety by eliminating the risk of a fuel tank bursting from excess pressure. Additionally, a positive shut-off design eliminates the possibility of spills due to manual filling errors. Our non-pressurized, high flow refueling system complies with all Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) safety standards.

Our high flow refueling systems are found on a variety of vehicles used in the mining, construction, forestry, and other heavy equipment industries. As an innovative fluid handling system design and manufacturing company, our experienced team can assist customers in developing an innovative solution for any application.

For additional information about our high flow refueling systems, see the table below, or contact us directly.

*Flow rate is based upon using an industry standard nozzle with a 8.0 psi shutoff setting on the nozzle. Using a nozzle with a higher shutoff setting will allow greater flow rates.

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Product Name
Micro System
Well Assembly System
Fastfill System Types
Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing/Component Sourcing
Retrofitting of Competitors Products
Lead Control Valve Assembly
Filter & Mounting Bracket
Inlet Shutoff Valve Well Assembly
Mounting Ring
Flexible Signal Line
Receiver and Cover – For Vehicle Retrofitting
  • Saves Operator Costs
  • Positive shut off prevents manual override
  • Meets directive 97/23/EC and does not pressurize tank
  • No spills or burst tanks
  • Ground level connections
  • Meets with industry standard nozzles and 2” NPT receivers
  • Shut off acts as a check valve when servicing receivers
  • Receiver can be replaced without draining tank
  • Zero or low pressure systems can be used with thin wall or plastic fuel cells
  • This kit is offered with four different signal line lengths.
Tank Material
  • Metal
  • Composite
  • Fabric Bladder
Flow Rate
Up to 150 GPM
Quality/Inspection/ Testing
Functionality Test
Accelerated Life Testing
Additional Services
Design Assistance
System Analysis
Production Volume
Small Volume Productions

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Industry Focus
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