On-Highway Trucking

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On-Highway Trucking
On-Highway Trucking

Shaw Development®’s heavy-duty vehicle and aerospace industry background provides a unique basis of experience for design, engineering, and production of fluid handling solutions. Shaw offers both stainless steel and cross-link polyethylene Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) reservoirs in a variety of shapes and volumes to meet your Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) application needs and meet or exceed OEM engine manufactures system specifications. Shaw adds value to your EPA/Euro SCR NOx Reduction program by providing:

  • Turn-key design or joint development of custom engineered products
  • Inside validation and analysis services
  • Prototyping services
  • Complete system manufacturing and assembly; using in-house resources, a global supply chain, and strategic manufacturing partners
  • Custom logistic services to manage inventory and support a lean manufacturing production model
  • Service kits and spare parts management

Shaw has a long history of providing Diesel Exhaust Fluid reservoir system solutions to new vehicles and retrofitting of existing vehicles that address common issues associated with SCR DEF systems, including:

  • Freeze Protection
    • Freeze prevention strategies
      • Engine Coolant based
      • Electrically powered
    • EPA/Euro Thaw requirements
  • Extreme grade and slope DEF pickup
  • Internal serviceable suction filters
  • Self-venting filtered filler caps and rollover protection
  • Protection against Tank distortion and fluid slosh
  • Mounting straps and hardware
  • Remote fill hoses and filler ports
  • Heated DEF lines, Coolant control valves and accessories

Shaw offers substantial manufacturing capacity, responsive service & managed lead-times, superior quality, competitive prices, and a commitment to support your team with a complete system solution from concept to production.

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