Welcome to the Shaw Development Blog

Welcome. The goal of this blog is to engage you in an ongoing online dialog about the work we do at Shaw and how we can help you with your organization’s fluids management needs, as well as addressing industry topics of interest to all of our potential clients in general. We hope that by maintaining a thought-provoking resource such as this, you’ll keep us in mind when considering a reliable partner to work with as you meet future challenges. Let’s take a moment first, though, to introduce ourselves.

Shaw Development LLC® is the descendant of a machine shop Frank Shaw founded in 1944 to serve the booming aircraft industry, Shaw Metal Products. That company evolved into Shaw Aero Devices after World War II, when Mr. Shaw developed a series of revolutionary aircraft fuel caps that set new industry standards in aviation safety. Over the years, Mr. Shaw expanded the business into other aviation-safety areas and automotive industry applications. Even now, Shaw Development produces caps, adapters, fast fill refueling systems and fluid management systems for military, commercial and industrial heavy-duty ground vehicles worldwide. Our products today can be found in markets ranging from military vehicles, on-road work trucks, construction, mining and agricultural vehicles, and even high-end motorcycles, automobiles and space vehicles. Continue reading “Welcome to the Shaw Development Blog”