Learn About Fluid Containment and Transfer Products at MINExpo®

Every four years, MINExpo® brings together mining industry professionals from around the world. The goal of MINExpo® is to offer solutions to the mining sector in an effort to meet the constantly changing needs and challenges of this industry. As the world’s need for minerals, metals, energy, and technology increases, MINExpo® offers leaders and decision makers a chance to see innovative new technologies first-hand. There are also many opportunities to network and learn from other attendees.

 MinExpo 2016 Logo

Mining industry professionals and those in related fields should consider attending this informative show that will have over 20 educational sessions to address pressing issues and possible solutions. Professional development credits are also offered for attendance. There are resources for exploration, mine site diving, open pit mining, underground mining, smelting and refining, processing and preparation, and reclamation.

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New, Patent Pending Inline Filter Solution for DEF / AdBlue Fluid Applications

Shaw Development’s Engineering and Prototype Department has been hard at work, and has now released our patent pending, inline filter solution for Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) and AdBlue Fluid ISO-22241-1 applications.

DEF Inline Filter
DEF Inline Filter from Shaw Development

The filter is easily mounted and designed to be installed after the DEF tank and before the supply module pump.  The new inline filter has a unique integrated filter/bowl combination to allow contamination free filter replacement in field conditions. Available in both heated and non-heated configurations this new filter solution has the features needed to reduce downtime, resulting in faster, cleaner and safer vehicle operation. Continue reading “New, Patent Pending Inline Filter Solution for DEF / AdBlue Fluid Applications”

Shaw Development Heading to Integer Summit this June

The 12th Annual Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum is scheduled for June 21st through June 23rd, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.  This summit is the meeting place for all of Europe’s emissions control industry.  The event is geared towards professionals in the industry focusing on; current events, potential legislation, and technology and testing solutions for the future.

IntegerIn light of recent events in the automotive sector, this year’s summit agenda will be very thought provoking. Key presentations will include: Continue reading “Shaw Development Heading to Integer Summit this June”

Examining the Growth of Construction & Heavy Equipment Demand in India

India is quickly gaining attention as a key player in the global economic landscape. As the country continues to develop and grow, there is a heightening demand for space – leading to increased construction activity. All of this activity requires greater investment in supporting products such as heavy equipment. A quick look at the projections of some research bodies shows a number of trends which will revolutionize construction and equipment in the coming years.

  1. Disposable income has played an important role in the growing demand for high-class bungalows, penthouses, and clubhouses. In order to accommodate families eager to upgrade their current housing situations, residential construction projects are being undertaken. The “Housing for all by 2022” initiative by the government is another game changer that is expected to revamp the landscape. Over the next 5 to 7 years, residential endeavors will account for more than 30% of the total value of the construction industry.

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Shaw Development Supports STEM Summer Residency Program

With the skills gap on the minds of most industrial leaders, it’s imperative to get the next generation interested high-tech jobs for the future. For this reason, there’s been a major push throughout the nation to expose more school-age children to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects. The hope is that by showing them the many options and opportunities that are out there, more kids will become interested in pursuing these subjects later in life as careers.

To promote STEM education here in Florida, Governor Scott recently announced a major investment to create a paid summer residency program for STEM teachers. 45 companies throughout the state have pledged support, including Shaw Development. We’re joining the ranks of well known and respected industrial leaders including Duke Energy, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and dozens of others in support of this program. Continue reading “Shaw Development Supports STEM Summer Residency Program”

Shaw Development, LLC to Exhibit Custom Fluid Management Solution Products at Bauma 2016

Shaw Development, LLC will be exhibiting its comprehensive Custom Fluid Management Solution products and technologies for Fluid Containment and Transfer during Bauma 2016 to be held 11 -17 April, 2016 at the New Munich Trade Fair Center in Munich, Germany.

Visit Stand 515M in Hall C4 at Bauma 2016
Visit Stand 515M in Hall C4 at Bauma 2016

Please visit the Shaw Development Team Representatives and learn more about Custom Fluid Management Solutions for your requirements at Stand 515M in Hall C4. Continue reading “Shaw Development, LLC to Exhibit Custom Fluid Management Solution Products at Bauma 2016”

Talent Shortage in Transportation Continues to Cause Concern

For those in the trucking sector – from logistics firms, to truck and part manufacturers – there is a clear challenge when it comes to finding skilled talent.  Demand continues to grow as current drivers and skilled workers near retirement age, while the pool of qualified workers seems to shrink.  It’s not a new trend, nor is it isolated to the transportation industry, but it is becoming more and more pressing as time goes on.

According to an article in Transport Topics, the need for trained engineers, technicians, pipe fitters, and welders continues to grow in all aspects of the trucking industry.  While companies have been making the rounds in large cities to attract and recruit talent, they’re simply unable to find enough people qualified for the jobs available. Continue reading “Talent Shortage in Transportation Continues to Cause Concern”

Shaw Development Ensures Precision with CETOL 6 Sigma and GD&T Advisor

Specializing in custom engineering and fluid management, Shaw Development has taken the next step in their quality production initiative with Sigmetrix’ CETOL 6 Sigma tolerance analysis solution and Sigmetrix’ GD&T Advisor. Since their customers include a wide array of industries including construction and mining, trucking, locomotive, agricultural and military, universal precision is essential to the Shaw Development robust design and quality production process.

Industrial Fluid Containment Systems
Improving Precision in Fluid Containment

“As a custom engineering specialist, robustness and product quality is essential to our design process” affirmed Bart Baker, Shaw Development’s Senior Designer. “CETOL 6 Sigma and GD&T Advisor ensure the superior value of each custom product through the analysis and modification of tolerances, and correct application of semantic GD&T annotations, reinforcing Shaw Development’s reputation as the leading provider of innovative solutions in global markets. We chose Sigmetrix because of their long history of successful mechanical engineering products. CETOL 6 Sigma and GD&T Advisor both directly integrate into the CAD environment and this is an integral part in improving our design robustness and optimizing our manufacturing goals.” Continue reading “Shaw Development Ensures Precision with CETOL 6 Sigma and GD&T Advisor”

Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

Having back-up power generation is of major importance for numerous industries. There is no time this becomes more obvious than during emergency situations. When power lines are torn down, as often happens in major storms , there is an immediate need for power that is independent from the grid, reliable, and efficient. Diesel generators are perfect for these situations. Diesel generators are the most proven, reliable and durable of all generators. In addition they are also the most efficient – they can generate the same amount of power as other alternative generators while consuming about half of the equivalent fuel required for the same output. This can be a major advantage when more fuel may not be available for days.

Industries That Need Back-Up Generators

Any down time due to lack of power is a loss for a company, however, it can be a potential catastrophe in certain situations. First and foremost on this list is the healthcare industry. Hospitals are required by law to have emergency generators, but other facilities such as doctors’ offices are not, but would still benefit if they did. Having power would enable them to be able to provide uninterrupted services for patients who may not be able to reach a nearby hospital or urgent care center, Continue reading “Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?”

Shaw Development Receives Export Achievement Award for Visionary Expansion Policy

Shaw Development Receives Export Achievement Award
From left to right: Kevin Hawkesworth (President and CEO of Shaw Development), Curt Clawson (U.S. Representative for Florida) presenting the Export Achievement Award

The U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award is a noteworthy commendation for small and medium businesses that operate according to strict edicts issued by the International Trade Administration (ITA). The aim is to boost exports and make them count for a large percentage of total revenue.

Shaw Development has a long track record of excellence. Considered a leader in the industry in fuel and liquid containment parts for transport vehicles, Shaw’s commitment to best practices and quality has allowed the company to grow consistently. Continue reading “Shaw Development Receives Export Achievement Award for Visionary Expansion Policy”