Talent Shortage in Transportation Continues to Cause Concern

For those in the trucking sector – from logistics firms, to truck and part manufacturers – there is a clear challenge when it comes to finding skilled talent.  Demand continues to grow as current drivers and skilled workers near retirement age, while the pool of qualified workers seems to shrink.  It’s not a new trend, nor is it isolated to the transportation industry, but it is becoming more and more pressing as time goes on.

According to an article in Transport Topics, the need for trained engineers, technicians, pipe fitters, and welders continues to grow in all aspects of the trucking industry.  While companies have been making the rounds in large cities to attract and recruit talent, they’re simply unable to find enough people qualified for the jobs available. Continue reading “Talent Shortage in Transportation Continues to Cause Concern”

Shaw Development Receives Export Achievement Award for Visionary Expansion Policy

Shaw Development Receives Export Achievement Award
From left to right: Kevin Hawkesworth (President and CEO of Shaw Development), Curt Clawson (U.S. Representative for Florida) presenting the Export Achievement Award

The U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award is a noteworthy commendation for small and medium businesses that operate according to strict edicts issued by the International Trade Administration (ITA). The aim is to boost exports and make them count for a large percentage of total revenue.

Shaw Development has a long track record of excellence. Considered a leader in the industry in fuel and liquid containment parts for transport vehicles, Shaw’s commitment to best practices and quality has allowed the company to grow consistently. Continue reading “Shaw Development Receives Export Achievement Award for Visionary Expansion Policy”

An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

As a leading global fluid management specialist, Shaw is known for its groundbreaking solutions for OEMs in the commercial and military heavy duty ground vehicle markets. Shaw’s experienced staff is well versed and trained in different manufacturing and production areas, including custom engineering and prototyping. One of the most popular processes that Shaw uses in their business is lean manufacturing.

According to the EPA, lean manufacturing is primarily focused on eliminating non-value added components, or waste. Although the lean manufacturing process is known for reducing waste, it is also well known for high quality products that cost less and are made more efficiently than traditional manufacturing processes. Additionally, it is generally environmentally friendly because of its focus on reducing waste and hazardous materials. Continue reading “An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing”

Supporting the Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers

As the school year begins, we are inundated with advertisements on deals for backpacks and pens and other school supplies. It is important to keep in mind what is important: educating America’s youth and encouraging the next generation to focus on their education.

Specifically, in manufacturing, there is a huge movement to celebrate STEM—science, technology, engineering, mathematics. In fact, Shaw does its part on social media to share the latest in the STEM education movement (be sure to follow Shaw on Twitter), but also working to spark interest in manufacturing within the company.
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Some Handy Tips for DIY Diesel Maintenance

With a tsunami of used military vehicles returning to the U.S., diesel-powered motors are riding on a new wave of popularity and opportunity. So, if you work in law enforcement, public safety, disaster management, or any number of related fields, it’s a good bet that you’ll find yourself being called on to perform some basic maintenance procedures on a diesel engine in the near future. (Happily, this will not include electrical system tune-ups, because diesels don’t have parts like spark plugs.) Here are a few basics to remember.

Checking on Gaskets. You’ll have to keep an eye on the status of diesel engine gaskets, because they are subject to a lot of vibrational stress. To prevent leaks, tighten the mounting bolts on a regular basis. And when dealing with a leaky gasket, try to replace the gaskets as a set. If one is leaking, the others won’t be far behind.
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Overview of (Mil-Spec) Mil-T-46786B – General Requirements for Tanks, Fuel, Engine

Overview of (Mil-Spec) Mil-T-46786B – General Requirements for Tanks, Fuel, EngineThe United States military has some very strict guidelines for the equipment it operates. That level of attention applies, of course, to the fuel tanks of its motor vehicles, including diesel fuel tanks. Here’s an overview of one of the military specifications that guide the production of diesel fuel tanks for the U.S. armed forces, “General Requirements for Tanks, Fuel, Engine” (or MIL-T-46786).

Created by the Defense Logistics Agency, MIL-T-46786 covers the baseline specifications for Industrial, Construction, Automotive, and Combat motor fuel tanks.
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Report: High-Tech Innovation Leads U.S. Manufacturing Surge

The secret to the recent success in U.S. manufacturing can be traced back to the adaptability of American companies to leverage the latest in cutting-edge technology. According to a new report from ThomasNet, new technology is permeating every aspect of manufacturing, “from design engineering to the factory floor, and from sales and marketing to business operations,” all in an effort to achieve strategic business advantages in the global marketplace.

In its annual Industry Market Barometer poll (see “Technology Transforms Manufacturing Into a Hotbed of Innovation”), the ThomasNet researchers concluded that high-tech retooling “is also powering up America’s manufacturing sector as an engine for wealth creation.” The report notes that manufacturing accounted for about $1.9 trillion, or about 12 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, in 2012.
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U.S. Heavy Truck Sector Is Rolling Again

U.S. Heavy Truck Sector Is Rolling AgainThe U.S. heavy truck sector is back in the fast lane again. After a long slump during the Great Recession, sales of heavy trucks have picked up significantly and look poised for sustained growth over the next decade, according to the American Trucking Associations’ research.

The ATA, a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, recently released the latest edition of its “U.S. Freight Forecast to 2024.” The report announced “an overall increase in freight volumes for all modes of more than 20% and an increase in the amount of that freight moved by trucks.”
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