Examining the Benefits of Fast Fuel Fluid Refilling Systems

Plenty of industries depend on large machinery to get important work done – massive earthmovers, trucks, tractors, and more. Those machines require a constant supply of fuel to keep going and keep the business moving along.

Mining, construction, forestry, and industrial/manufacturing industries in particular use these vehicles on a regular basis and need them running for extended amounts of time. Incorporating fast fuel refueling systems can help in these situations by:

  • Improving safety for the operator
  • Preventing spills
  • Decreasing refilling times
  • Minimize risk of damage to the vehicle

Shaw Development’s Fast Fuel Refueling Systems are non-pressurized systems that provide a high rate of fuel flow, in excess of 210 (GPM) gallons per minute depending on the design of the system and the shut-off setting of the nozzle. Compatible with metal or composite tank material, as well as fabric bladders, our systems are versatile and can be retrofitted to improve existing products, or installed as an entirely new system.

We incorporate a number of useful features into every system that we design with our customers. This includes kits featuring various lengths of signal line, as well a shut-off valve that also acts as a check valve while the receiver is being serviced. This last feature means that you won’t have to drain the fuel tank to replace the receiver, saving time and effort for your maintenance crew as well as reducing the risks that can come with transferring fuel.

Shaw Development is an agile, all-in-one partner that provides comprehensive systems engineering with proven, field-tested products and extensive technical support throughout the products’ life cycle.

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