Get to Know the Fourth Generation of Shaw Development

If you read our last blog, you would know that at Shaw Development we take STEM education and supporting the next generation very seriously. In fact, our internship program looks to recruit future manufacturing workers to gain some experience in the field before heading off to school—which brings us to this blog.

You might have recognized a few familiar names and faces we highlighted because five of our interns are fourth-generation Shaw family workers at Shaw Development. Jordan Hawkesworth, spent a lot of time in the factory for a second summer of full-time work for the company and Samuel O’Hara, spent his first post high school summer working full-time in the factory. For us, this is an important step to growing—not only the next wave of talent, but our business as a whole.

Because our company is currently owned and managed by third-generation Shaws, we think it is important to keep family values ingrained in the business model.  The company sponsors plenty of events involving the community and routinely hosts customers for meetings at our headquarters.  It is evident to all visitors that these family values remain a vital part of the business.   Since the company has seamlessly moved from one generation to the next throughout the years, it has made for smooth transitions between products and managers—thus creating a more effective workflow and company culture.

Another huge bonus for us as a family-owned business is the patience to invest in the development of new ideas and innovations without being constrained by higher emphasis on shorter term objectives.   For example, when the third generation took over in 2006, strategies were implemented to expand globally at a fast pace—something that could have taken years (or decades) to accomplish with different governance.

Shaw’s customers know they can expect quality, diligence, and a supplier/partner that is easy to do business with when they work with us.  We also want to emphasize that it is because of the values tested by multiple generations of the Shaw family that guide the management of the business that the company is able to provide this service. Have any questions about our company or being in a family-owned business setting? Give us a call at 239-405-6100 or request more information on our website.

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