Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

Having back-up power generation is of major importance for numerous industries. There is no time this becomes more obvious than during emergency situations. When power lines are torn down, as often happens in major storms , there is an immediate need for power that is independent from the grid, reliable, and efficient. Diesel generators are perfect for these situations. Diesel generators are the most proven, reliable and durable of all generators. In addition they are also the most efficient – they can generate the same amount of power as other alternative generators while consuming about half of the equivalent fuel required for the same output. This can be a major advantage when more fuel may not be available for days.

Industries That Need Back-Up Generators

Any down time due to lack of power is a loss for a company, however, it can be a potential catastrophe in certain situations. First and foremost on this list is the healthcare industry. Hospitals are required by law to have emergency generators, but other facilities such as doctors’ offices are not, but would still benefit if they did. Having power would enable them to be able to provide uninterrupted services for patients who may not be able to reach a nearby hospital or urgent care center, Continue reading “Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?”