Talent Shortage in Transportation Continues to Cause Concern

For those in the trucking sector – from logistics firms, to truck and part manufacturers – there is a clear challenge when it comes to finding skilled talent.  Demand continues to grow as current drivers and skilled workers near retirement age, while the pool of qualified workers seems to shrink.  It’s not a new trend, nor is it isolated to the transportation industry, but it is becoming more and more pressing as time goes on.

According to an article in Transport Topics, the need for trained engineers, technicians, pipe fitters, and welders continues to grow in all aspects of the trucking industry.  While companies have been making the rounds in large cities to attract and recruit talent, they’re simply unable to find enough people qualified for the jobs available.

Another issue is finding maintenance and safety managers who are equipped to handle new regulations in the sector.  As the industry itself undergoes changes, it’s been a challenge for companies to find workers who can help them stay on top of these industrial shifts.

To meet these challenges head on, some leaders are refocusing internally on cross-development opportunities that train workers to fill various roles in the company.  Others are asking senior staff members to stay on board after retirement to mentor the next generation and pass on their wisdom. Another option that is now gaining traction is looking to the veterans returning to the U.S. following military deployment.  While they may not have transportation-specific skills, they are highly trained and capable of such work.

Logistics companies are also getting more creative with new technology and social media to build awareness of job openings.  Since many job seekers today are using mobile devices in their search, more recruiters are expanding their online presence.  This is no different at Shaw Development.  Please feel free to visit Shaw’s website for career opportunities that are currently available Shaw – Careers.  Shaw is constantly on the lookout for eager employees who will be a good fit in today’s high demand industry.

As a supplier of custom fluid containment and transfer products serving the trucking sector, it is important for Shaw Development to spread the word about challenges and solutions in this industry.  Shaw is always working towards the success of its customers and will do everything we can to help. In the next blog, Shaw will explain the steps being taken to train the next generation of skilled workers.  Please stay tuned!

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