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Construction and Mining Equipment

Construction and Mining Truck
Construction and Mining Truck

Shaw Development LLC is an Engineering/Manufacturing company for fluid management and fuel system components procured directly by major OEM’s. Primarily, Shaw provides its Non-Pressurized Fast Fuel Systems (240 GPM/908 LPM flow rates, with no pressure in the tank, no fuel spills, no burst tanks, no overfill, etc.), Quick Disconnects for service fluids (engine water, engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, etc.), as well as fuel caps, and adapters. These products are all used primarily in industries such as mining, construction, oil rigs, and forestry.

Robotic Refueling System

The RFS Pitstop is a containerized system for robotic refueling of heavy duty vehicles in extreme conditions. RFS is safe, efficient, easy, environmental-friendly and theft-proof. Operating speeds are between 150 – 300 GPM / (567 – 1135 LPM). Connection to begin refueling is only 75 seconds and disconnecting takes just 30 seconds. The RFS Pitstop system is a turn-key working robot, installed in a 20 foot sea-container which facilitates installation and secures the systems operation. The RFS provides full metering to refueling activity that monitors fuel purchases. The system also prevents theft of fuel from the fueling system. System health monitoring is fully built into the system hardware and firmware. Interaction between the driver of the vehicle and the RFS is through a live camera system installed in the truck. Positioning is achieved through a self-centering connecting unit which operates within a window of one square meter and 15 degrees to connect to the fueling receiver. The RFS uses a hydraulic driven delta robot and a 3D time of flight camera to locate the receiver. The RFS Pitstop system works in all weather conditions from minus -40 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius.

Fast Fuel: Non-Pressurized System vs. Pressurized System

Benefits of the Non-Pressurized Fast Fuel System, invented by Shaw:

High Flow Rates - Up to 240PM [908 LPM]

  • Save time refueling, reduce downtime

Ground Level Refueling

  • Eliminate dangerous climbing up to standard splash fill refuel cap and increase safety

Dry break receiver and nozzle combination:

  • Prevents adding incorrect fluids to the diesel fuel reservoir
  • No spills

Allows for flexible placement of the fuel tank in design

  • Fueling may be done remotely allowing for the fuel tank to be located high or within the vehicles frame

Non-Pressurized Systems:

  • Tank pressurization is NOT required for nozzle shutoff upon full tank. The tank is never pressurized.
  • After automatic nozzle shutoff, nozzle may NOT be forced open. No bursting of tanks or spillage.
  • Open vented system, the tank is never pressurized, no leaks, overfills or split tanks.
  • Filtered breathing, a 10 micron filter keeps air going into the tank clean.
  • Works with plastic, metal, or fabric bladder tanks.

Shaw is the originator and designer of the non-pressurized refueling systems for ground vehicles:

  • No one has more experience
  • Shaw engineered the design; therefore understand how and why the system works.
  • Extensive development and validation

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