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Locomotive Equipment

Locomotive Train in Station
Locomotive Train in Station

Shaw Development LLC has extensive experience supplying DEF reservoir system solutions to the locomotive industry. Shaw has been successful at applying their expertise in DEF reservoirs with their capabilities in engineering and manufacturing to supply reservoir systems that meet the unique requirements and scale for locomotive platforms. Shaw has utilized technologies, materials and processes to provide solutions including

  • Rotomolded plastic and welded stainless steel reservoirs.
  • Electric heaters systems powered using 74 VDC and 480 VAC 3 phase power supply.
  • Underframe support structures that meet durability and puncture resistance requirements.
  • Insulated reservoirs to improve heating efficiency.
  • Heated DEF hoses that meet freeze durability requirements.
  • Reservoir volumes up to 250 gallons.

Shaw uses accurate methods for design analysis, such as Finite Element Analysis, to verify designs and mitigate the need for costly test programs that can be associated with a large scale locomotive system. When testing is required, Shaw will manage and execute test programs utilizing both their in-house test facilities and third party test laboratories.

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