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Military Vehicles

Military Vehicle Equipment
Military Vehicle Equipment

Shaw Development LLC has extensive experience supplying complete fluid system solutions for military ground vehicle applications Shaw’s aerospace industry background, coupled with its heavy-duty vehicle experience, gives Shaw a unique platform for design, engineering, and production of fluid handling solutions. Shaw offers both cross-linked polyethylene (XPLE) and metal fuel tanks for your application that can utilize a wide variety of ballistic self-sealing and other threat protection methods.

Shaw’s goal is to be a strategic partner and provide fuel system expertise as an extension of your engineering team. Shaw can supply a complete fuel system solution that not only focuses on survivability, but adds value to your program by providing:

  • Turn-key design or joint development of custom engineered products
  • Complete system assembly using in-house resources, a global supply chain, and strategic manufacturing partners
  • Custom logistic services to manage inventory and support a lean manufacturing production model
  • Service kits and spares management

Shaw has a long history of providing fuel system solutions (both new vehicle and retrofit of existing vehicle) that account for common issues associated with fuel systems, including:

  • Survivability
    • Self-sealing ballistic protection
      • External Coatings
      • Internal Bladders
    • Explosion prevention
    • Fire prevention
  • Extreme grade and slope fuel pickup
  • Venting and rollover protection
  • Tank distortion
  • Fatigue and wear

Shaw provides substantial capacity, responsive service & lead-times, superior quality, competitive costs, and a commitment to do whatever it takes to support the customer with a complete solution from concept to production.

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